The True Value of Friendship

Dear Readers,

My name is Joy and I am the co-owner of Sincere Sally. I am very new to blogging but I am excited to be able to bring more value to our Sincere Sally community and hopefully brighten your day with this light read! I wanted to write a blog that reflected the true value and importance of friendship.

I started my research online and found this quote: 

"A true friend is a friend when it is convenient and when it is not. They standby you consistently both when you are present and when you are not. They answer you with empathy, perspective and honesty. True friends show you who they really are."

I feel that this is very relatable. However, I soon released that this blog couldn't be written using online research, it needed to be written from the heart and from personal experience.  

So, I went out on an investigation to see what my friends, the Sincere Sally team and our Sincere Sally ambassadors value in friendship and what their meaning of the word 'friendship' was. 

These were my findings:

Bryce Monkivitch - CEO Sincere Sally (Male, age 31)
Friendship is one of my core values. I love my mates! The things i value from my friendships and relationships is the spontaneous adventures, the late night chats, the inside jokes and just the fun we share. You know it's true a friendship when you can almost sit in silence with each other and just do your own thing - You don’t always have to be entertaining each other, you can just enjoy each others company. You can also make fun from anything, you can bond over anything and make those inside jokes that you then carry on throughout your friendship. I have friends from all over the world and know that no matter how far apart we are, how different we are, we will always be friends because we have formed these special bonds. 

Louise Beerens - Mother of Bryce & Joy Monkivitch (Female, age 55)
Australia / New Zealand

Friendship Is a relationship that continues, even when you are apart. It’s when you aren’t afraid  to show each other your weaknesses. It’s when you feel encouraged to be yourself. It’s when you always see the positives first. It’s when distance and lack of contact doesn’t change the way you feel. It’s always there from when you left off.



Georgia Groves - Friend & Ambassador (Female, age 25)


Friendship is that special bond between two people where you can express yourself with no judgement. It means sharing your interests and passions in the world and being your most authentic self. Friendship is like the family that you choose, no matter how long you have known each other. I value my friends because they listen to me and support my wildest dreams. 


Kallyn Chynoweth - Ambassador (Female, age 19)
United States

Friendship to me is a bond that consists of kindness, generosity, loyalty, and honesty. A friend that will be happy for you through your greatest accomplishments and will support you through your toughest times. Friendship is having each others backs no matter the circumstance but also holding each other to a standard that pushes us to be our best selves.


Kalyn Yuhas - Ambassador (Female, age 21)
United States

The term friendship has multiple meanings for people. Many believe that friendship is simply a relationship between two people who enjoy talking to one another and enjoy the persons company. To me friendship is creating memories, laughing, and living life with a person who pushes, supports you and will always be there for you through the good and bad times. Friends just make life better! 😊


Sukhpreet Kaur - Ambassador (Female, age 27)

Friendship is trust between two people that goes so far along with memories of life, memories bind friendship knot together and go through thick and thin together…So build trust and live life fully.




Briana Spear - Ambassador (Female, age 19)
United States 

My meaning of friendship is having a home away from home. Being comfortable being you around someone without them judging you because they love you regardless of your flaws. Being able to be sad, mad, happy and any other emotion there is around them because you know that they will help you through any and everything. A friendship is almost like a cure. Anytime you feel you’re alone you’ll always have a friend to be there. I value everything in a friendship, good or bad because I will always learn a valuable lesson from both.🤍🦋


Lateasha Brost - Ambassador (Female, age 23) 
United States

Friendships are beautiful and should never dim your light. True friendship means I can be the best version of myself as well as be surrounded by positive and supportive energy. True friends listen, understand without judgement, believe in you at all times and allow total freedom to be yourself. ♥️



Halla - Ambassador (Female, age 30)
United States

Friendship and what it means to me — a friend is a person that will always be there for you no matter what, through ups and downs. One who listens, doesn’t judge, and makes everything alright. A person that you can go days without talking to and when you do talk again you pick up right where you left off. In a friend you should be able to find your second self ♥️  


Ericka - Sincere Sally Logisitics & Team Manager (Female, age 27)

Friendship for me always played an important role in my life. It is where you can share your feelings, thoughts, interests and attitudes. And it is very important to know my friends, inside and out. I believe and will always believe that having a good relationship with my friends will ensure that we help eachother through all ups and downs in life. Especially when it comes to decision making. True friends won't always be on your side when you are doing wrong. They will always want to lead you down the right path and let you understand that you are at fault too. They can be your best teacher aside from your parents and family. I value trust, time and memories. The same as I value friendship. As I grow older, I tend to know more what friendship is. And I know, the friends I have now will always be there for me and I will always be there for them no matter what.


Sim Sullivan - Sister-in-law & Ambassador (Female, age 32)

Friendship is when you have your biggest supporter to hype you up in times you need, but also call you out on your BS when it’s needed.

You can go weeks without talking and when you finally do (because ya know, life gets busy) it’s like you only just spoke yesterday and their are no hard feelings. Honesty and being real and raw, is a true value of friendship 


Vissaintha Gassant - Ambassador (Female, age 23)
United States

The meaning of friendship to me is EMPATHY. Friendship is a relation between two or more friends, it is the state of being friend with someone. 

Friendship means having someone to rely on. It means having a person who will tell you the brutal truth, wether it’s a compliment or an insult. Friendship means that you have someone who can rely on you for every secret and indecision. When friendship are mutually satisfying, both friends talk and both friends listen.

One of the most beautiful qualities that I value in friendship is to understand and to be understood. Friendship is an opportunity to love, to learn about yourself, to mature as a human being and to open up to the full experience of life!


Mirbakian - Ambassador (Female, age 26)
United States

Friendship is being there for one another on your sad & happy days. It’s having that one person you go to for everything knowing they will never judge you or hurt your feelings, but will be honest with you. It’s the person you choose out of millions of people to do life with. What I value most in a friendship is the loyalty, trust & memories. My best friend is my person.


Betsy Rendon - Ambassador (Female, age 20)
United States

A friendship is a priceless gift. A true friendship is a friend who is willing to stick by your side through thick and thin. The value of friendship is far greater than any treasure and if lost, one may never recover such richness . A friend is someone who you share a special bond with and make unforgettable memories with. A friend in need is a friend indeed 😊



Leah - Sincere Sally Customer Service Agent (Female, age 23)

Friendship is a relationship you build with people making your souls tangled like a thread. It's like a light that will help you see things way broader than you see them before. And for me, it's a special relationship that you build with people whom you can celebrate those sorrows with hope and joy, whom you can feel comfort even in silence and those who can help you heal your tired soul and vice versa. Friendship will really have a big impact and influence in your life that even if the future is still unknown or the past becomes a memory you will still feel at ease because you still have something to be grateful for - it's the friendship you build with those geniune souls. ❤️ 


Alexandra Moreno - Ambassador (Female, age 18)
United States

Someone who is genuinely your friend stands up for you. Others will go to great lengths to emotionally or physically damage you. They keep you safe. They don't care who is attempting to hurt you; they will protect you at all times and in all places. They will execute it without hesitation or consideration for remuneration. If they can assist you. A good friend isn't one who continuously reminds you how unlovable you are to others. First and foremost, their words and actions make it clear where they stand on you. Second, they don't just sit there and do nothing when others do. A true friend is a friend when convenient and when it is not. They stand by you consistently when you are present and not. 


Kailem Baker - Boyfriend (Male, age 25)

A friend to me is someone who is always there for me no matter the situation. Someone that you have trust in to be able to be vulnerable and feel safe in being who you are! Knowing that if it came to it they would take a bullet for me because they know I would do it for them.



Kelly Turner - Ambassador (Female, age 24)
United States

My meaning of friendship is someone you can always count on. They don’t judge you and they meet you right where you are. They unconditionally stand by you and love you through everything. I value honesty in my friendships because a lot of people can respect you but not a lot of people can tell you the truth. A true friend is someone willing to tell you the hard things that you might not want to hear.

My best friend Emily Roberson died in a car accident 5 years ago and I feel like I am still learning about the deep meanings of friendship through her death just with the way my friends helped me grief and met me where I was during that process!


Rocio Zavaroni - Friend & Ambassador (Female, age 27)

Friendship to me is very special.
I give my love but receive it to.
Friendship is family for me at this age in life and living in a different country. They help shape me to become better. They love you when you don’t even love yourself. They make you see your potential and worthyness. I have been on both sides. It’s a wonderful journey to walk through life with friends/family. Friends can also come and go because life happens but you learn, love and live. Friends help you shape the person you become. 🤍 


Cameron Murphy - Ambassador (Female, age 21)
United States

Friendship means compatibility and loyalty that you share with another person. friendship means having someone to go to when you need them the most and being there for them when they need you the most. A strong friendship is beautiful. what I value in a friendship is the loyalty to one another and the comfortable aurora around being able to help each other grow!!


Lenisha Kay - Ambassador (Female, age 21)
United States

To me Friendship means that you have that one person you can turn to for any and anything at all. What I value most in friendship is the fact that I can confide in someone and have a sense of safety and love. 



Here at Sincere Sally we aim to build our community around all of these points above! I am hoping that through these blogs, I can build a safe and loving community for all Sincere Sally supporters. I have made so many friends on my journey with Sincere Sally and I hope that you do to.

I would love to hear from more of you! Please feel free to comment below about what you value in friendship and what your meaning of the word 'friendship' is. ♥️

I hope you enjoyed this read, all feedback is welcome - Sincere Sally values your opinion. 

Warm Regards,

Joy Monkivitch

March 07, 2022 — Sincere Sally



Vissaintha said:

I’m thankful for being able to share my thoughts about what’s friendship to me and what I value in it. Thank you Sincere Sally for this amazing experience!


Georgia said:

I absolutely LOVE this!! Friendship means different things to different people and you have highlighted this beautifully here. So proud to be a part of such a wonderful group of people and authentic brand!!

Kalyn Yuhas

Kalyn Yuhas said:

Thankful to share my meaning of friendship! I loved reading what others thought and their meaning of friendship. (:

Halla Fournier

Halla Fournier said:

Love this so much! Friendship is everything and all of these examples are amazing ♥️


Briana said:

I’m very thankful for being able to be apart of this blog with beautiful people. I love how diverse but also so similar everyone’s meaning of friendship is. 🦋

Ericka Lyn

Ericka Lyn said:

Everyone has there own versions of what friendship means which is so lovely to know. So glad I have shared mine too. ❤️💖

Betsy Rendon

Betsy Rendon said:

I loved reading everyone’s different perspective on the meaning and value of friendship 🤩

Sukhpreet kaur

Sukhpreet kaur said:

This blog is super relatable to everyone who values friendship “ Friendship is when people know all about you but like you anyway “ and friendship between you and me is one of the new start So best wishes to us … “let’s grow together “ … Thankyou sincere sally for this opportunity to be a part of your brand … 😍


Kailem said:

Love all these examples of friendship 😍

Sim Sullivan

Sim Sullivan said:

I absolutely love this!! Friendships are so important and valued, it’s about the quality not the quantity ☺️

Alexandra Moreno

Alexandra Moreno said:

Love this so much! Beautiful :)

Kelly Turner

Kelly Turner said:

This is so encouraging and challenging!! Love reading about friendships!

Lenisha Powell

Lenisha Powell said:

I am grateful to be apart of this blog. To also see other perspectives on friendship is also refreshing and it’s great to see how friendship can give someone love and clarity ❤️

LaTeasha Brost

LaTeasha Brost said:

This is so cute! Thank you for sharing!♥️

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