The Importance of Jewelry

Dear Readers,

I am very excited to be writing this blog about 'The Importance of Jewelry" for you all to read. After doing some online research and reaching out to our Sincere Sally family I realised that there is so much meaning behind wearing jewelry and the importance of this is different to everyone!

For me, I wear a very sentimental locket every day. This locket was my mums and she gifted this to me when I moved out of home to go and study in a different city. I have worn this locket pretty much every day (minus like 10 haha) since she gave it to me. This locket lays very close to my heart and I feel very bare when I am not wearing it. 

The history of jewelry dates back to the medieval days which presented jewelry as a universal form of adornment and protection. Wearing jewelry declared wealth and power, but also love and protection. Modern day studies show that wearing jewelry enhances an individuals confidence by 80%. Feedback from our Sincere Sally customers can definitely prove this 🙈.

I want to share with you our Sincere Sally families thoughts about this topic:

Lexis St. Louis, Canada, 18 y.o
Jewelry is an essential. It adds a pop to any and every outfit, from earrings to necklaces, to waist beads or anklets! It’s everywhere now and even back in the day, jewelry was a sign of wealth and power and that’s exactly how jewelry makes me feel; confident and expensive! -even if the jewelry may not be. Also, makes a very heart warming gift! That can but doesn’t have to be personal, its also just something I know always puts a smile on my face. That’s the importance of jewelry, it’s to add a little spice to your style and make you feel fancy, confident and most importantly happy!


Camila Dan, Orlando Florida, 19 y.o
For me, jewelry is art, it is expressing who I am by putting my own personal style on it. The best part of my day when I get dressed is including jewelry in my outfit, it makes me feel more elegant regardless of whether my outfit would be either casual or more professional. The feeling is being able to add my "The cami's glamour" to my outfits because is what makes myself more who I am . I like to combine rings, necklaces and bracelets to my outfit. I like to feel fashion and chic every moment I can.


Mana Faye, United States, 20 y.o
Jewelry is a persons best friend. It can take even a plain black outfit and elevate it in so many different ways! I love the fact that jewelry makes me feel royal, especially gold! No matter who you are, jewelry can make you feel beautiful at every occasion and once you start pairing it with your outfits, I promise you’ll never stop!



Tahjiana jordá High, United States, 20 y.o 
Jewelry is important to me for two reasons, one being that I feel confident every time I’m wearing it. The second reason being that wearing jewelry gives me a sense of inspiration when I’m taking photos. It’s like when I add the accessory, my pictures become art pieces. That’s why, to me, jewelry is important and I don’t think I could live without it ❤️


LaTeasha Brost, United States, 23 y.o
Jewelry is so important to me because not only does it complete my outfit, but it makes me feel more confident and beautiful!




Aria Megumi, United States, 16 y.o
I love your jewelry because not only does it feel and look good on me but it is also amazing quality! Sincere Sally has jewelry that would look amazing on anyone and that’s what I love so much about it!




Salome Ekangyela, Canada, 22 y.o
Jewelry is symbolic to me in a way that it helps express my identity and personality. I love wearing items that represent my values and interests. 




Hassanah Zakiyah, United States, 26 y.o
To me, jewelery is so important. Finding those perfect pieces that accentuate the natural beauty you were born with is so major for building your confidence. That is something that I have personally learned as time has gone on. Sometimes I don’t feel quite complete without a little bit of gold bling picking through any outfit I’m wearing. To me jewelry is the BFF that will always have your back. 💛


Halla Fournier, United States, 30 y.o
Jewelry is everything! Can’t leave the house without it. I have pieces that have sentimental value (belonged to my mother and grandmother) and pieces that help me feel more confident/beautiful. I feel like it always helps enhance a persons beauty and it’s a form of creative expression.



Kierstyn Kiley Posada, United States, 18 y.o
What jewelry means to me, is adding a special touch to each outfit. If you’re having second thoughts on an outfit, and you might want to change, add a touch of jewelry to spice it up. Jewelry makes everything better even if it’s as small as a ring.




Rena Costello, United States, 19 y.o
Jewelry makes me feel more confident and fashionable! I love incorporating jewelry in my outfits because you can wear it with anything! When I’m not feeling the best mentally, I don’t dress up as much, so I love adding jewelry like necklaces, rings, and earrings as it makes me feel more confident with whatever I'm wearing! Jewelry, to me, is so much more than just an object!



Angel Samuels, United States, 20 y.o 
The importance of jewelry to me is the perfect topping to finish off my outfit with full satisfaction. I’m a big fan of gold jewelry specifically because of the way it’s very flashy and matches my skin tone to perfection. I feel as though as soon as you find the right type of jewelry that fits your needs, you’re going to be feeling so much more better about yourself and the way it just compliments your skin. One of the most beautiful thing about jewelry is that if it is gifted to you, it’s not only going to be just a piece of jewelry but it’s going to help connect you with memories and loved ones. All in all, for me, gold jewelry makes me feel radiant, fresh, attractive and most of all it is a huge confidence booster and once you find the right jewelry for you, you will feel the same too! ❤️✨


Georgia Groves, Australia, 25 y.o 
To me jewellery is the statement piece of my outfit, it sets everything together. Earrings, necklaces, rings bring that pop of bling and confidence when I go out! I love how well sincere Sally jewellery pairs with my engagement ring! I feel so beautiful and elegant!  



Glory Korsah, Canada, 26 y.o
To me the importance of jewellery is the final touch to complete an outfit. I never feel complete when I don’t have a pair of earrings on at all times. Depending on the outfit, There are so many different styles, shapes and colours of earrings, necklaces, rings, anklets etc to bring your outfit alive and a touch that makes you unique. 



Josana Joseph, United States, 37 y.o

Jewelry has many symbolic meanings and can represent many things to different people. I believe the most important thing for me about jewelry and wearing it is making sure it speaks to me with positivity. Three ways jewelry can and does achieve this:

1. Having a faith based meaning. Jewelry can represent love, care, promise to yourself and or to another person. If I’m having a brief challenging moment remembering what it represents helps bring about positive thoughts.

2. Enhancing and completing any outfit or look. Jewelry is like icing on the cake. The cake is good with and without the icing. The icing is a little extra.

3. Jewelry can make a person feel good and more confident. If you feel good about the way you look you’ll feel good about yourself. Ever put on a pair of earrings and look at yourself in the mirror and think wow I look good? That’s positivity.

Jewelry isn’t just a fashion statement it’s a way to be and feel. I wear my masterpieces daily. What’s yours?

Brittany Rojas, Ireland, 20 y.o
Jewellery for me is that most of the jewellery I wear is only meaningful.
Or if somethings missing in my outfit the solution is always that jewellery needs to be added. It adds more to my confidence of course! Which is the goal too 😊



Yoisha Allen, United States, 25 y.o
The importance of jewelry to me is that depending on the type of jewelry it is it can make any simple outfit stand out and that alone will give you a major confidence boost. 




Viktoria Jendreczek, Canada, 24 y.o
Jewelry for me is a great way to accessorize and upgrade even simple outfits to make them look more elegant and elevated.
while only family heirlooms or vintage pieces have a deeper meaning to me, I enjoy buying timeless pieces of quality jewelry that iIcould later on pass down to my kids as well 🥰


Georgia Indianna McDougall, Australia, 16 y.o
Jewellery is a key element to adding your own personality and taste to an outfit. Also is key to make contrast throughout the outfit. To me jewellery is like art and comes big, small, loud, or quiet… it brings comfort to know no matter what outfit I’m wearing, I can feel expensive thanks to jewellery, another thing we all love about jewellery is what it can signify weather It’s been gifted by a loved one, passed down from generations or bought by yourself as self love.

Here at Sincere Sally we aim to bring meaning to our jewelry pieces and hope that they place a special importance in your life. 

I would love to hear from more of you! Please feel free to comment below about what you feel the importance of jewelry is ♥️

As Tom Ford once quoted; "People will stare. make it worth their while."

I hope you enjoyed this read, all feedback is welcome - Sincere Sally values your opinion. 

Warm Regards,

Joy Monkivitch

April 10, 2022 — Sincere Sally


Glory korsah

Glory korsah said:

Couldn’t agree more with all these ladies, I love how unique jewellery is everyone👌🏾❤️


Vissaintha said:

I loved reading one can never go wrong with a piece of jewelry ☺️


LaTeasha said:

This is so cool to see everyone’s different responses. Thank you for sharing!

Lexis St. Louis

Lexis St. Louis said:

This is the cutest blog ever!! And I am so happy to be apart of it it’s so cute to see the different ways jewelry is important to people <3

Camila Dan

Camila Dan said:

Sincere Sally, thank you so much for including me in this incredible opportunity. It’s awesome being part of something amazing :) THANKS ❤

Sim Sullivan

Sim Sullivan said:

Yes yea yea absolutely love all of this


Jacinta said:

Such a lovely blog!


Tahlia said:

Love the blog! Thank you everyone for sharing!

Brittany Rojas

Brittany Rojas said:

I love everyone’s opinion and the love for jewellery’s! Everyone looks amazing with these sincere sally jewels.
Stay pretty and confident girls ❤️😊

Tahjiana High

Tahjiana High said:

Thank you so much, it is an absolute honor to be featured in this establishment❤️

Kierstyn Kiley

Kierstyn Kiley said:

What an awesome blog. Perfectly written, so honored to have been apart of it. An amazing company to support and show love to! Will never disappoint. 🤍


Joy said:

My favourite blog I’ve written so far 😍

Georgia Groves

Georgia Groves said:

I loved reading what jewellery means to different people! The confidence it brings us is awesome! X

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