Est. 2018

Sincere Sally was established in 2018 by young aspired fashion and jewellery designers, a brother & sister duo. The brand started as a fashion-forward online store that sold products to make other females feel inspired, empowered, and confident. They soon became one of Australia's fastest growing online brands in 2019. From there, the brand was declared one of the leading online women's fashion labels. 

Our Passion

We’ve spent these past few years travelling China, South East Asia and Europe to learn about designing products, ethically sourcing materials, and selecting high-quality stones and metals. After building strong relationships with our suppliers around the world we decided to focus more on helping our Earth and limiting fast fashion. In 2021, Sincere Sally decided to just focus on just selling jewellery. 

Sincere Sally attends annual gem and jewellery fashion runways around the world to gain inspiration from the best of the glitz and glamour world. Since our transition in early 2021, Sincere Sally has collaborated with various jewellery and artisitic designers to create unique pieces that you will keep for a lifetime. 

We cannot wait to show you what we have in store for the years to come!

Helping Our Earth & Economy

Not only are our jewellery pieces ethically designed, sourced and manufactured, all of our packaging is made from recycled materials and our boxing is fully recyclable! Along with this, all of the staff involved in our brand Sincere Sally work in sustainable and ethical working conditions. Sincere Sally has supported communities within China and the Phillipines and hopes to continue to provide opportunities for work and growth all around the world. 

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