Est. 2018

It all began with the idea of empowering and inspiring women, Sincere Sally wanted to bring confidence to women! We wanted to provide high-quality and sustainable jewelry to build confidence in women. Ever since then, we have been working on making this idea a reality. We, brother and sister duo as aspiring jewelry and fashion designers, invested our efforts in delivering an exceptional experience to customers.

Thus, we worked on the development of a one-stop fashion online store. Dealing with diverse clients and consistently offering quality jewelry, we became one of the fastest-growing brands in Australia in 2019 and were featured in Forbes.

Now, we have been declared as one of the leading jewelry labels for women and we thrive to maintain it.

Our Passion

It has always been our passion to innovate and deliver aesthetically-pleasing and reliable jewelry to women. Therefore, we have invested these years exploring Europe, South East Asia, and other areas of the world to acquire knowledge about unique metals and stones, ethical materials, and jewelry designs. Upon the establishment of strong relationships with some of the best international suppliers, we have engaged in limiting fast fashion and helping the Earth. Our quest for knowledge has enabled us to understand and utilize sophisticated methods of making gold vermeil jewelry.

In 2021, we collaborated with diverse artistic jewelry designers to craft unique designs that you are definitely going to love.

Our Values

Some of our key values include:

  • Integrity: We treat every person with integrity and respect. In fact, we believe that it is the right of every person to be treated with respect. Therefore, we have made it a motto to embed integrity in all of our practices. Whenever we are dealing with our clients and customers, we make sure to establish respectful communication. 
  • Honesty: We, Sincere Sally, have always considered it a priority to consider and ensure honest practices and processes. We believe that without honesty, it is not possible for a business to be efficient. Therefore, in all of our dealings, we stay honest and transparent.
  • Commitment: We are committed to the delivery of quality jewelry products. Therefore, we are always invested in improving our processes and our offerings. After all, we want to satisfy you because we care for you. We also believe that without customer satisfaction, it is not possible for us to be successful. Therefore, we keep your requirements and expectations in focus. 


Our mission is to be your first choice whenever you want to purchase sustainable jewelry. 

At the same time, we aim to support underprivileged people through charity. In 2021, we supported children and families in the Philippines by offering sustainable living and building a church. Sincere Sally proudly donates to various charity organisations within Australia. Read more here. 

Our Earth

Even prior to the brand, we always cared for sustainability. Where possible, all of our packaging is designed from recyclable and sustainable materials. From ethically sourcing materials to the delivery of our products, we ensure sustainability in all of our practices. 

At Sincere Sally, there is no compromise over quality, ethics, and sustainability.

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