Our gold plated jewelry is a brass or stainless steel metal electroplated with a thick layer of 14k gold. 



Classy, without breaking the bank. Gold Vermeil is a high quality type of gold-plated jewelry. Its base material is 925 sterling silver and it has a triple-dipped layer of 14k gold plating for long-lasting colour and shine. 

Gold vermeil has gone from a slightly niche product to a mainstay of traditional jewelry design. The allure of this precious metal lies in its durability and long-lasting appearance, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for an object that will last for years on end.



Sterling Silver has been used in fine jewelry since the 12th century, and we're keeping the tradition alive. When possible, we use recycled Sterling Silver and ensure the highest standard of quality for all of our pieces. Our silver-tone pieces are all plated in rhodium, a rare, precious metal that gives the piece extra shine, lustre and durability. 



Our diamonds have impeccable clarity, both in makeup and in the making of. They're lab-grown (no mining required!), meaning their background is traceable, peaceful, and earth-friendly. And just as if they had developed naturally, they have identical brilliance, texture, and chemical makeup as mined diamonds.

Learn how to care about your Sincere Sally pieces on our Jewelry Care page.



Sustainability is a core value of ours at Sincere Sally as you will learn in our story.

Make life long memories with your pieces
We make our products with the highest quality materials and ultra-thick plating so that they provide for years and years – if not a lifetime – of enjoyment. That's the reason we exclusively use high quality materials like sterling silver and gold vermeil.

Recycled materials
When possible, our pieces are made from recycled metals.  

Our packaging boxes are made with recycled brown board and the pouches that we send our jewelry in are all reusable.


When meeting our worldwide partners we ensure that they share the same core values as us. We emphasise the importance of our social and environmental standards. See below to learn more about our trusted and certified partner.



Employees: 120

Years in business: 15 Years

Working hours: 8 hours per day, Monday - Saturday, rest on Sunday and public holidays. 

Employee benefits:

  • Insurance
  • Holiday leave
  • Sick leave
  • Paid overtime


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