THE GOLDEN HEALTH SERIES | Part 1: Skin Blemishes & Imperfections


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By the title of the blog you are probably really curious about how gold can change your health and wellbeing.

We understand you, and we hope you will stick with us till the end as we provide some interesting facts regarding your health and gold.

Let us introduce you to Sincere Sally’s Golden Health Series! We've put together a set of fun facts about gold and health that you probably didn't know, but NEED to know. We hope you enjoy this and please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment about the GH Series! We’d love to hear from you!

Let’s begin! Part 1: Skin Blemishes and Imperfections.

So what actually are the benefits of gold?
As they say, all that glitters-really is gold! It has been well documented for centuries that gold provides beauty benefits beyond its aesthetic appeal.

As you probably already knew, gold is great, but it’s especially good when it comes to skincare. Due to its natural properties, gold reduces acne, evens out pigmentation and soothes sensitive skin (this is why genuine gold is recommended for new piercings!).

Natural gleam makes the skin it's added to look luminous, and it helps it look younger by making it more elastic.

Don’t tell your granny just yet, let us explain a bit more…
For as long as we can remember, gold has been used as a precious metal, with many people using it as a form of currency and ornaments. But in recent years, this metal has become increasingly popular with investors, as many of them are using it as an alternative to traditional investments such as bonds and stocks. Once it was considered purely a precious metal, there was a discovery that it has medicinal properties too. Gold has been known to have potential as a treatment for a wide range of conditions and illnesses, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Now let’s get back to some basic biology and check out what’s going on at the cellular level. The lining cells located under the epidermis (the surface of the skin) and responsible for creating new, healthy skin cells are activated by none other than GOLD! When it interacts with your skin, your basal cells are put into action so they can produce fresh cells that will push old and dead skin cells up and off from the inside out.

So what’s the result, you ask?
New skin grows in place of old skin, and the skin becomes softer, healthier, and more elastic. In simple words marks, spots, lines, and wrinkles vanish as new skin grows.

Quick and simple! Ok, we’ve got that covered so let’s move on to skin blemishes. Be honest, we’ve all had them or still have them. They’re not fun… Treatments for skin blemishes and imperfections that involve the use of gold have existed for centuries, with practitioners using everything from myrrh ( sap-like substance that comes out of cuts in the bark of certain trees) and beeswax creams to the most exotic of precious minerals to achieve their desired effects.

Scientists have long wondered if gold might reduce skin blemishes, which are the first signs of aging. Currently, there’s not a lot of evidence that supports gold as a skin care product, but new research in mouse models suggests that an application of gold microparticles on the skin might have an effect that we are looking for. The best way to try this for yourself is to find a gold-based facemask. You'll want to find one that contains aloe vera and vitamin E, so it can deliver a powerful antioxidant that can reduce wrinkles and revitalize the skin, leaving your face with a golden glow.

This is it for the PART 1 of the Golden health Series!

Hope you enjoyed and learned something new about Gold. Keep an eye out for Part 2 that will soon hit your inbox!


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June 23, 2022 — Sincere Sally

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