Why you must attend the 2020-2021 festivals... well why not?!

Why you must attend the 2020-2021 festivals... well why not?!

Aside from the obvious fact that everyone loves music, music festivals is a whole package of different things. That’s why they’re such a great experience that everyone should have at least once in their life. Once you do go to one, it’s impossible not to go to another…and another…and another! Let’s explain:

  1.     It’s a perfect hangout for you and your friends.

 You’ll see a lot that music festivals are all about celebrating diversity. Whether you’re so alike in your group or you’re worlds apart but somehow click, a music festival is a world made for you.


  1.     You get to go crazy with your outfit!

 How often do you have an excuse to wear a flower crown, or dress like a Mediterranean princess like it’s normal? Other people will be flaunting their own creativity so let yours loose!

       3.    There’s music for every taste.

Like we said, differences are welcome. Because of that, there are several stages in one huge place so you can watch artists from other genres play. 

     4.     Love, love, loooove

Music festivals are more than a breath of fresh air. In a time when we’re struggling to maintain peace, these are little utopias that you can disappear in for a few days and forget that “hate” exists.

Choosing the perfect outfit for this kind of event is crucial. It's important to be comfortable because you’re likely to be out in the summer heat for hours, dancing, partying, and having a great time. Good thing Sincere Sally has the most rending styles out!

Remember, this is a time to let your hair loose and relax. Choose to be yourself or let yourself explore a new side of you, take the chance and let the music guide you.

July 15, 2020 — Sincere Sally
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Know what to wear for your next workout!

Know what to wear for your next workout!

Figuring out to wear to the gym and working out overall is confusing if you’re not familiar with how clothes affect exercising. We’ve put together a simple and straightforward guide so you can make the right choices the next time you head over.

1. Sports Bra
While the rest of the items aren’t in order, we put this at the top of the list to emphasize how important it is to wear the right bra. Back and shoulder pain can result from wearing a bra not designed to give enough support during physical activities. Make sure the elastic band fits snugly around your torso, not too loose and not too tight, as with the rest of the bra.

2. Sweat-Wicking Attire

Cotton holds moisture, which leads to accumulation of bacteria and possible infections if you have open wounds under them or near the covered area. Wear clothes that don’t make you feel like you just stepped out of the shower.

3. Clothes that Fit Well
Avoid wearing baggy or too loose clothing. It’s not about fashion but your trainer would have to be able to see how well your body is shaping up overtime from the workout. Tight clothing is also constricting, hindering from you performing exercises well. It also stops the blood from properly flowing, keeping essential nutrients from different parts of your body. Not to mention the chafing it would cause between your thighs.

4. Zero Jewelry
What jewelry can you wear? None. Absolutely none. A necklace would distract you from the constant bouncing as you jog on the treadmill and a ring would prevent you from getting a tight grip on those weights. You risk putting yourself in harm. Keep them in the locker or at home.

5. Good Condition Runners
They shouldn’t be old and worn down because then they wouldn’t give the right cushion and support for your body. A flapping sole would also make you conscious and you won’t be able to focus. Always have a good pair handy.

6. A Loose Top
They’re actually not for the gym but for on your way there and back. Have an array of tanks, cropped tees, wide-collared ones. It adds a little fun and makes dressing for the gym more exciting.

7. Colorful Gym Outfits
Bold, neon, rich, deep, pastels, basics, dark, prints—you name it! Color is definitely in. If you’re hesitant about wearing look-at-me shades and patterns with your everyday wear, the gym is definitely a safe place to do just that. Besides, who doesn’t want to add a bit of cheer to what sometimes feels like a painful chore?

When in doubt, the priority in gym clothing is function then form second and fashion last. We do encourage looking good, and choosing items that boost your confidence. You’ll be excited to head to hit the treadmill, knowing you’re sweating in style!
May 14, 2020 — Sincere Sally
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Uncovered: The Top Reasons Why He Ghosted You 👻

Uncovered: The Top Reasons Why He Ghosted You 👻

One minute it's going great, then next he's done a complete Casper on you, and ‘bam' disappeared into thin air!

Ghosting is the biggest crimes of the modern dating scene. 

It’s far too common to be put to chance. So, we’ve gone behind enemy lines to investigate the top reasons you’ve been ghosted.

1. He is a D-U-D

Sorry, call us petty, but if he is going to ignore one of our gal’s, it is pretty darn clear to us – he is a dud.

Okay, look - maybe this one isn’t necessarily backed up by scientific evidence - but, it's backed up by the girls at Sincere Sally HQ.

Let’s be real for a sec – we are living in a generation that provides instant gratification and numerous options at the swipe of a button. The modern dating scene is the commit-a-phobes playground.

It’s becoming more and more acceptable to be ‘flakey.’ 


So maybe he's not ready to commit, and that's okay. See it as a learning experience and move on from that 'dud.'

2. You Remind Him Of His Ex

Sounds cray, but this is more common than you think.

It might have been something you said or the way you acted that reminded him of that girl he doesn’t want to talk about. This can be a protective mechanism to prevent him from being hurt again. 

Just a reminder, don’t sweat the small stuff. You can’t change things beyond your control – so 'you do you' Boo.

3. Ghosting Is The Easy Way Out

Confrontations are difficult.

Breaking up with someone is difficult.

Human nature craves convenience, and for some, the more comfortable option is to ignore messages than to tell someone you aren't interested via text – or god forbid- in person.

4. You Came On Too Strong

Let’s be honest, a few of us here at Sincere Sally HQ are guilty of this. 

It's nothing to be embarrassed about.

It can happen when you are super into someone, and they don't seem to be reciprocating these same feels. 

Know for next time, reflect on whether that double text was really necessary and if all else fails, ask for a friend's advice (preferably one who is as cool as a cucumber).

If being extra is you –that's super cool. Maybe he is not for you. If he isn't going to reply to your incredibly funny and cute texts, then there is going to be someone else waiting around the corner who embraces you for being you! 

If he left you on read, it’s his loss.

We hate to say in, but in our best mum’s voice… ‘there’s plenty more fish in the sea.’

5. You came on too weak

Say whattttttt?!

But, hear us out.

‘Playing hard to get' can be fun for some, but serious guys will see this game from a mile away.

Ask yourself. Have you been waiting for the perfect guy, but also been ignoring texts, or always ‘too busy’ for those you might be interested in. 

All guys aren’t the devil (okay, maybe your ex is). But beating down his ego as a way to get him interested was never the start of any great love story.

Agree? Send your opinion or ghosting horror stories to sinceresallyboutiqueteam@gmail.com 
with the subject: ‘I WAS GHOSTED' so we can share it for other girls on our IG story (anonymously if you like).

January 10, 2020 — Sincere Sally
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